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Treat Yourself to a Hands-On Chocolate Experience

Child and woman at chocolate workshop

Are you looking for something different to do and do you like good chocolate?

If you answered yes to those two simple questions, then the Chocolate Experience at Sappho Chocolates was created for you.

At Sappho Chocolates you will have a personal, hands-on Chocolate Experience.

Everyone in the group gets to choose a mold to use. These molds are fun shapes, everything from dinosaurs to robots. You’ll get to fill the wells of the mold with chocolate and learn how to make sure there are no air bubbles in the pieces you’re making. Once the wells are full, your mold will go into refrigeration. This will help the chocolate set-up faster. While your chocolate is setting-up, one of Sappho Chocolates’ experts will provide you with information on chocolate that will entertain and educate.

Once the chocolate in your mold is ready, you’ll get to pop each piece out of the silicon mold. The ladies at Sappho will show you how to do this so that you don’t eject a piece of chocolate and send it flying across the room.

Bring an apron and a hat or hair net.

While it’s true that chocolate will come out of your clothes the team at Sappho Chocolates doesn’t want you to worry about that. If you don’t have an apron of your own, you may borrow an apron for your Chocolate Experience. They do request that you bring your own hat or hair net. After all, you will be working in their kitchen.

Your Chocolate Experience will get you about a quarter of a pound of chocolate. What you don’t eat while you’re there, you can take with you when you leave. You’ll be given a zippy bag in which to put your chocolates. If you’re not going home or back to your hotel room from the Chocolate Experience, it’s suggested that you bring a cooler with you. This way your chocolates won’t become a puddle before you can get them to a refrigerator or a least to a cool inside location.

If you don’t have a cooler or you would like one of Sappho Chocolates’ insulated bags with a re-usable ice pack, they’re available for purchase at the kitchen.

Why watch someone else make pieces of chocolate, when you could be making them yourself?

Get some of your fellow Chocoholics together and contact Sappho Chocolates now to set up your Chocolate Experience. You can call them at 386-307-8870 or email: and schedule your Chocolate Experience.

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Honeycomb Candy

Honeycomb candy

The picture is an element of our Chocolatier’s latest experiment. Tomorrow is the next phase. What’s the next phase? I’m so glad you asked.

The next phase is crumbling up this honeycomb candy, put it in a bar mold and then add chocolate. I can’t tell you what it will taste like because I haven’t made it yet.

However, I have a feeling that it’s going to be similar to; only better than, a Butterfinger. I’ll let you know after I have one.

And yes, we’re going to need a name for this so let us know if you have any ideas. You can email your ideas to

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Get Your Name in Chocolate!

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. Their name in lights; however, it’s not so easy to achieve that goal.

Instead, how about your name in…chocolate! Yes, you can have your name in chocolate!

At Sappho Chocolates we can make a mold that will allow us to create your name or your company logo in chocolate. We did a local company’s initials in chocolate. What magic do we perform to accomplish such a thing?

First, we 3D print the name, initials, or logo. Once the 3D print is complete we fire up the vacuum forming machine, slide in some food grade plastic, and create a mold. Once the mold is complete, it’s simply a matter of filling it with chocolate.

People often ask me, how much will it cost to have my logo or my name or even my initials done in chocolate? Sadly, there is no simple answer to that question. Why? Because it depends on several factors. Do you already have a file that our 3D printer can work with? How difficult will it be to create a file for our 3d printer? How detailed will the 3D print be? How long will it take the 3D printer to print the piece? How many pieces of chocolate will you want? How much will each piece of chocolate weigh?

At Sappho Chocolates we understand budgets, so if we get the details from you that we need to be able to give you an estimate and you tell us you can’t afford it, I promise you we won’t hound you or try to convince you that having your name in chocolate will be worth the price. We’ll simply say, “I understand financial constraints. When you’re ready to discuss it again, get in touch with us. We would love to do business with you.” We may ask you if there is some other chocolate you might be interested in, but we refuse to be pushy. Because the team here understands how much of a turn off that is.

Call (386-307-8870) or email ( us, we love talking chocolate and technology.

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Chocolate and 3D Printing

3D printed chocolate

Chocolate is awesome and so is 3D printing, when you combine the two you get breathtaking, edible delights.

There are different companies working on making 3D printed chocolates affordable for mass consumption. As the owner of a chocolate company, I’m far more interested in a 3D chocolate printer that’s affordable. Now some might consider a $4,000.00 price tag affordable; however, I’m going to have to wait until that price drops some more and the technology improves. Continue reading Chocolate and 3D Printing

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Welcome to Sappho Chocolates’ New Site!

At last our site has been launched! Of course, with new sites come glitches. We hope that we have minimized glitches and we also hope that you find our new site more user friendly than our previous site. We designed it with you in mind.

Let us know what you think and if you haven’t already done so, sign up for our newsletter.

We promise not to share your information and we also promise to not bug you so much that you want to unsubscribe. During Chocolate Season (usually October thru February) we’ll send you a monthly newsletter and information on specials and about events we’ll be involved with. Other than that you won’t hear from us, unless you request information and then we’ll do our best to be prompt in replying.