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Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate

A Match Made in Heaven

by Darlene Duncan

When we decided to improve our chocolate covered coffee bar (Start Your Engine) we went looking for a coffee roaster who could tell us the story behind the coffee. We found that at Steel Oak Coffee.

When we talked with Carl and explained what we wanted to do with his coffee beans, he provided us with three different beans to try out. He removed any name bias by numbering them one, two, and three.

We made some chocolate samples for people to taste test and everyone seemed to agree on Number Three. Number Three turned out to be the Bergandal Sumatran.

In 1924 the Dutch started the Bergandal Farm. The farmer, Sakdan, comes from a family that used to work for the Dutch at the Bergandal Farm. The Dutch gifted a part of the farm to Sakdan’s family. This family owned and operated business is in the Bener Meriah sub district of the Gayo region of Sumatra at 1,500 meters above sea level.

The sweet Almond and chocolate notes of the Bergandal coffee combined with the mellow tart fruit acidity are a perfect match for our semi-sweet dark chocolate.

If you like chocolate and you like coffee, you’re sure to love our Start Your Engine Bar.