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Chocolate and 3D Printing

3D printed chocolate

Chocolate is awesome and so is 3D printing, when you combine the two you get breathtaking, edible delights.

There are different companies working on making 3D printed chocolates affordable for mass consumption. As the owner of a chocolate company, I’m far more interested in a 3D chocolate printer that’s affordable. Now some might consider a $4,000.00 price tag affordable; however, I’m going to have to wait until that price drops some more and the technology improves.

After recently reading the FAQs about a 3D printer that prints in chocolate rather than in plastic I’ve discovered that the size of the piece printed is tiny. At present, the best 3D chocolate printer on the market prints pieces that are no more than 1.5 inches in height and a little over 2 inches across.

I suppose you could print individual small pieces and then put them together to create something larger but with the labor involved in such a piece I fear it would be cost prohibitive, except for the wealthiest of chocolate lovers.

As with all technology, there will no doubt be advances made in this arena over the next few years. Maybe you dear reader, will be the one to solve the size of the output problem. I imagine it’s related to maintaining a quality print while increasing the speed of the print.

In the meantime, with a 3D printer that prints in plastic I can print virtually anything as long as it will fit on the printers platform and then I can take that print and use food grade plastic with a vacuum forming machine and create a mold. Then I can fill that mold with chocolate and have a piece of chocolate identical to the 3D print.

Technology is a wonderful thing once you learn how to use it.