Our Story

People often ask, how did Sappho Chocolates start? The answer is that Sappho Chocolates started like a great many businesses start, with a conversation around a kitchen table.

Kathryn (far left in picture above) used to travel the world for her tech job. She was usually the only female with a group of men, while the men visited the local watering holes Kathryn visited restaurants, bakeries, and chocolate makers. She learned a great deal about making chocolate and found it was a wonderful way to relax when she wasn’t working. Then she began sending family and friends her chocolates for special occasions.

One Christmas, Charlotte (far right in picture above) and Darlene (middle of above picture) were sitting around the kitchen table in Kathryn’s home, helping her package chocolates to be sent as presents. Of course, they were sampling chocolates as well as packing them. It didn’t take long for one of them to ask Kathryn, “Why aren’t you selling these?” Thus Sappho Chocolates was born.

That same table is now a part of Sappho’s kitchen and is where many conversations about business decisions are held.

While none of Sappho’s staff suffers from food allergies, they know that a great many people do and therefore they work hard to ensure that their chocolates are allergen free, while maintaining a luscious mouth feel and delicious taste.