Here is a link to a review of Sappho Chocolates and 19 other LGBTQ+ businesses.

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Vegan Review by a Vegan

Below is an excerpt from a review of our Vegan chocolates by Jacqueline Bodnar (

"Two thumbs up for the vegan chocolate at Sappho Chocolates! If you want a great vegan gift for someone, or you want a nice treat for yourself, check out what they have to offer. You can stop in and buy them at 933 Beville Rd. Suite 103H, South Daytona, Florida."

You can read the entire review, including her video here.

“These chocolates are AMAZING!!!  After tasting a sample, I was hooked.  It’s a little amusing that everyone who takes the first bite gives a very satisfied sigh.  I have given them as gifts and door prizes…they are unique and delicious.” -- Lynda Longson

Assorted chocolates
Madagascar Moves

“Delicious, scrumptious, mouthwatering chocolates that you have to taste to believe!” -- Wendy Cruikshank

“I don’t like Dark Chocolate-it’s too bitter, that’s always been the truth . . . until Sappho chocolates. I was told that their chocolate wasn’t bitter.  And I’m sooooo glad that I tried them! I now love Dark Chocolate. My absolute favorite is the Chambord!” -- Terry Sullivan, Professional Chocolate Eater

Raspberry truffles