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Shipping During Hot Months

In the hot months we take extra care to get your chocolates to you in pristine condition rather than puddles. This effort requires that we use a larger shipping box, so we can increase the amount of insulation and the number of ice packs.

As with most things there is good news and bad news. So, let’s get the bad news out of the way first. We have increased our shipping charges.

Now for the good news, the Techni Ice we use to keep your chocolates cold during their journey is re-usable and can be used either to keep things cold or as a heat pack. There is very little moisture associated with Techni Ice when it thaws and since water is the Arch Enemy of chocolate, this is a very good thing. The other ice packs in the shipping box are also re-usable, though not as durable and certainly not as moisture free as the Techni Ice.

While we cannot guarantee that your chocolates will arrive unmelted we are doing everything within reason to ensure that they do arrive unmelted.

Having investigated overnight shipping we think that the cost is a bit exorbitant. We were quoted over $100.00 to overnight a box from Florida to New York. We’re afraid to find out what it would cost to overnight a box to the west coast of the country.

More good news, when the weather cools down our shipping charges will go down. A reason to look forward to the end of the hot weather.