Chocolatier for a Day



Give that special chocoholic in your life a gift they’ll never forget.


Spend a day (4 to 6 hours) in Sappho Chocolates’ kitchen.

Learn what it’s like to be a Chocolatier in a quality chocolate kitchen, from melting and molding chocolate, to hand-tempering, to airbrushing, and packaging.

Experience an average day in Sappho Chocolates’ kitchen.
This will be a truly personal experience with our Certified Chocolatier Kathryn and the rest of Sappho’s team.


  1. Wear comfortable shoes, we spend a lot of time on our feet
  2. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting cocoa butter on (it doesn’t come out of anything)
  3. Bring an apron
  4. Bring a cooler to take home some chocolate

We’ll email you a printable certificate with our contact information, so the recipient can call us to schedule a date and time for their Chocolate Adventure.