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Treat Yourself to a Hands-On Chocolate Experience

Child and woman at chocolate workshop

Are you looking for something different to do and do you like good chocolate?

If you answered yes to those two simple questions, then the Chocolate Experience at Sappho Chocolates was created for you.

At Sappho Chocolates you will have a personal, hands-on Chocolate Experience.

Everyone in the group gets to choose a mold to use. These molds are fun shapes, everything from dinosaurs to robots. You’ll get to fill the wells of the mold with chocolate and learn how to make sure there are no air bubbles in the pieces you’re making. Once the wells are full, your mold will go into refrigeration. This will help the chocolate set-up faster. While your chocolate is setting-up, one of Sappho Chocolates’ experts will provide you with information on chocolate that will entertain and educate.

Once the chocolate in your mold is ready, you’ll get to pop each piece out of the silicon mold. The ladies at Sappho will show you how to do this so that you don’t eject a piece of chocolate and send it flying across the room.

Bring an apron and a hat or hair net.

While it’s true that chocolate will come out of your clothes the team at Sappho Chocolates doesn’t want you to worry about that. If you don’t have an apron of your own, you may borrow an apron for your Chocolate Experience. They do request that you bring your own hat or hair net. After all, you will be working in their kitchen.

Your Chocolate Experience will get you about a quarter of a pound of chocolate. What you don’t eat while you’re there, you can take with you when you leave. You’ll be given a zippy bag in which to put your chocolates. If you’re not going home or back to your hotel room from the Chocolate Experience, it’s suggested that you bring a cooler with you. This way your chocolates won’t become a puddle before you can get them to a refrigerator or a least to a cool inside location.

If you don’t have a cooler or you would like one of Sappho Chocolates’ insulated bags with a re-usable ice pack, they’re available for purchase at the kitchen.

Why watch someone else make pieces of chocolate, when you could be making them yourself?

Get some of your fellow Chocoholics together and contact Sappho Chocolates now to set up your Chocolate Experience. You can call them at 386-307-8870 or email: and schedule your Chocolate Experience.